At Link Business Marketing we provide a proven business growth fully managed consultancy service specifically developed to accelerate your profitable business growth.

So if you are contemplating LinkedIn consultancy to facilitate your profitable business growth, then you need to be aware of how to measure both your business growth, and your return on your Investment. Furthermore, if you hire a LinkedIn expert, then he or she needs to be able to demonstrate precisely how you measure these two very different business growth strategies.




  • A methodology for measuring your return on your investment
  • Up to 60 client obligations and key performance indicators
  • A full and completely managed service, delivered by professionals
  • Increased sales, targeted business referrals, warm business leads
  • Business visibility, brand promotion, proactive client communications
  • Connection to specific or targeted key decision making contacts
  • Identification of new and/or complimentary revenue generation streams

Link Business Marketing provide ‘Blue Chip’ business growth consultancy services for global clients. It doesn’t matter which sector your business is in, or where it is geographically located. If you are looking for profitable sustainable business growth, then contact us today, because we can help your business grow.


Because we never lose sight of the fact that you need to gain a return on your business growth investment. Our business growth consultancy service has been specifically designed to help multi sector business owners leverage LinkedIn, the world’s largest and most professional business networking platform

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With over 400 million business members world-wide, and over 20 million business members in the UK, everything & everyone you need to grow your business exists on LinkedIn. We are globally recognised LinkedIn business growth specialists. Doesn’t it make good business sense to leverage our specialist ‘Blue Chip’ consultancy support?

YOUR PRICE COMPARISON INFORMATION WE provide far more value than cost

Many of our business growth consultancy services are designed as ‘BESPOKE’ to the individual business owner. Some of our larger ‘CORPORATE’ services are designed for greater numbers of your business personnel. We price these service delivery projects after attending a consultation with the business owner, partner/s, directors, shareholders and/or Investors. Once your project brief has been explained to us we will provide you with a full quotation.

Think it’s expensive to hire a world-class business growth consultancy group? You’ll find out precisely how expensive it is, when you try doing it in-house, or through your non-specialised outsourced marketing company, & you or they get it completely wrong.