17 August 2017

What is Business Growth and How Can You Leverage LinkedIn To Achieve It?

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Business growth is just what it sounds like. When a business gains a certain amount of success, it will subsequently grow in size and revenue. It is essentially improving a company’s success. Business growth can be achieved either by increasing the revenue of the business with greater product sales or service income, or by increasing profitability of the operation by minimising costs.

Every business needs to gain an advantage over its competition. It’s important to gain this in order to achieve and progress forward, expand, meet its demands and make a good profit. With a good focus on the company’s specialist team, driving forward, maintaining excellent experience and eventually with the ability to create more jobs in the future, the company will ground itself as a unique success story with the best products or services available on the market.

Most companies find their own ways of doing things. Some find success, some don’t. But a lot of them don’t have the advantage of leveraging LinkedIn for profitable, sustainable business growth.

Link Business Marketing (LBM) are primarily a business growth consultancy who specialise in LinkedIn. Our main aim is to help businesses grow towards profitability and sustainability. As a team of experts, we help clients from all sectors and all geographical locations to leverage LinkedIn, the world’s largest and most professional business social media network, for profitable, long term sustainable business growth.

What we do is highly focussed: we manage a strategy regarding a company’s LinkedIn accounts with a focus on strong branding to generate a higher conversion rate of leads, which can then be turned into good business and, subsequently, profit.

LinkedIn allows businesses to focus their skills, experience and talents within their team. They can create professional-looking profiles to showcase all their unique skills and focus better on what their business does through their individual employees of the team.

Each LinkedIn profile has several scripts where you can input your information. These include your current and previous job roles, your education, and skills and experience. When these are written from a business perspective, allowing for SEO-rich content, the business will likely be found much easier on LinkedIn through the team. But it’s not just about being noticed, it’s also about making connections. These connections can result in good lead generation to then be turned into profitable business opportunities.

When a business meets these objectives, generates good leads, and makes profitable business, they gain the advantage to grow exponentially. This growth can be an increase in revenue – and subsequently, profit – from the increase in sales from their products or the service they provide. Businesses can then expand the size of their office or purchase new office space. They could also hire new specialist staff to take on the higher workload brought on from the success of the business.

Business growth is, ultimately, the act of improving success. Of increasing revenue and becoming an important figure in the market. Businesses can leverage LinkedIn primarily through connections and getting recognised online, gaining an advantage over their competitors.


Michael Holloway

Lead Writer

Written for Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert

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15 August 2017

LBM Weekly – 15/08/2017

LBM Weekly

Business growth is what we at LBM are good at. We know how to grow your business by successfully utilising the different features of LinkedIn and we wanted to pass some of our unique knowledge onto you via our weekly posts. Carry on reading to discover some useful information about LinkedIn and learn how to get the best experience from the best business social media platform.

We Recommend

If you have any other professional webpages, blogs or social media sites outside LinkedIn that you want others to see, link them to your profile. LinkedIn can be a great way of bringing in traffic to all of your other outlets.

Try To Avoid

Remember to read over your LinkedIn account after you have finished creating it. You need to make sure that you haven’t missed any silly spelling or grammatical errors that could affect how you are seen by others.

Did You Know?

Minutes per Month






LinkedIn News

LinkedIn has launched a new feature that allows mentors to find potential people who need mentoring. Being compared to social apps such as Tinder, the new feature will let users look through profiles and choose to ‘accept’ or ‘pass’ on either mentors or people who need mentoring. If two people accept each other, they will have the option to speak to each other and arrange meetings.



You Asked Us

“I want my updates to get as many views as possible, how can I do this?”

There are a lot of ways to increase the total views that you can get on your LinkedIn updates. The easiest trick is to add an image. Having images on your content will make it more eye catching to whoever is scrolling the feed. The timing of your post can also have a direct effect on how many views you can get. Our research has found that updates being posted out nearer the end of the working day, usually between 4pm – 6pm, will get more views.

LinkedIn Humour

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Thank you for reading out weekly newsletter. We hope that we have successfully helped you with your LinkedIn enquiries and that you come back next week to find more LinkedIn tips. If you have any questions or wish to contact us and our LinkedIn professionals, please feel free using any of the methods below of via any of our social media accounts.

Harrison Smith

Social Media Executive

Written for Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert

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15 August 2017

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7 August 2017

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