Linkedin speaker. Ever heard the expression, but don’t really understand what it means? Or how important it is to understand how a professional Independent Linkedin speaker can help you facilitate profitable long term sustainable business growth for your business.

Ever thought about retaining a LinkedIn speaker to smash your business growth targets? I guess the very first thing to know, is who actually retains an independent Linkedin speaker.

The list is long, however the primary people who hire a Linkedin speaker include people from the following business company sectors…

•Business owners, directors, partners & Investors.
•Sales directors & managers.
•Human Resource managers.
•Marketing managers.
•Recruitment personnel officers.
•Business development directors and managers.
•Event & corporate hospitality organisations.
•Public relations agency staff.
•Web development business managers.

It’s no great secret that the world is crammed with business motivational speakers. However, finding the right one like Dr. Mark D. Yates the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert, to help you develop and manage your business growth strategy, can be like walking through a mine field blindfolded.


  • Motivating your staff into helping your business growth
  • Positioning your sales staff for increased revenue generation
  • Pulling all your teams together in a cohesive business growth plan
  • How to establish yourself for generating higher value business deals
  • How to by-pass the business decision makers gate keepers
  • Up-selling and cross selling to existing clients & customers
  • How to banish business lead cold calling
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22nd Aug 10
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You can hire, or retain one of the world’s foremost professional, proven business growth LinkedIn speakers from us. Dr. Mark D. Yates is recognised globally as the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert. He has presented his professional business growth motivational speaker services in 44 countries and he always receives rave reviews & LinkedIn recommendations.

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To gain the very best return on your sales and marketing Investment. You need to be super confident that first and foremost the LinkedIn speaker you retain is a proven business growth specialist. Someone who can motivate even the most deflated business personnel & turbo charge the A-team performers.

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Turbo charged business growth motivation to shake up your work-force. Presenting them with a new mind-set specifically designed to pull together as a cohesive business growth team in order to smash all of your sales targets. A clear understanding of what is required to help them achieve a profitable, long term sustainable business.


Warwick University
Location: Warwick, United Kingdom
Client: The Franchising Centre – LinkedIn speaker Dr Mark D Yates
Audience: Corporate Bankers, Accountants, Franchisees, Franchisors, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Investment Brokers, Financial Advisors
Overview: A high profile annual conference & trade show held for existing and new prospective International Franchisees.


State Security HQ
Location: Kiev, Republic of Ukraine
Client: State Security (former KGB) – LinkedIn speaker Dr Mark D Yates
Audience: Government Intelligence Agency Personnel, Police Officers, Anti-Mafia Task Force Personnel, Diplomatic Service Personnel, Government Ministers, Military Special-Forces
Overview: The state security HQ is Ukraine’s equivalent to the FBI HQ in Quantico, USA. I was tasked with presenting to a large audience pulled together from Intelligence agencies across the independent states of the former Soviet Union. Delivered in conjunction with government agency trained translators. 


Guadalajara International Conference Centre
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Client: Mexican Government Business Trade Agency  – LinkedIn speaker Dr Mark D Yates
Audience: Huge audience of business owners, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, Mexican and other South American trade ministers
Overview: Organised in partnership with a British government trade agency. I presented to an extremely large Spanish speaking business audience. My presentation was translated in real time by a bank of experienced English Spanish translators via electronic headphones worn by every conference attendee.


Hilton Hotel
Location: Dallas USA
Client: Global Coffee Sales Corporation  – LinkedIn speaker Dr Mark D Yates
Audience: Global sales & marketing staff, distributors, business champions & leaders, recruitment agents, bakers, accountants, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, business advisors, business consultants, business mentors, franchisee owners, franchisees, Investors, financial advisors.
Overview: A corporate event for a USA, Canadian & Chinese business. I was retained to present to the high ranked sales executives & business development team leaders. This company was rolling out across Europe & wanted my help to identify & develop new dynamic business team leaders. 


Moscow Police Department
Location: Moscow – Police Academy
Client: Moscow Police Department  – LinkedIn speaker Dr Mark D Yates
Audience: Government officials, police chiefs, Intelligence agency personnel, special forces officers, anti-terrorist officers, police recruits, corporate bankers, business owners, investment brokers, film crew
Overview: This was a high level government sponsored event run at & in conjunction with the Moscow Police department & their police recruit training department. British & Russian TV documentary groups filmed & broadcast part of this event.