“Mark is a consummate professional using his knowledge, experience and personality to add significant value and impact on the companies that he interacts with. I have known Mark for a number of years and have seen some big impacts made on the businesses during that time.”

Andy Jones,
Customer Relationship Manager
“His LinkedIn consultancy network of business specialists is envied by many aspiring business networkers. This demonstrates why so many top networkers consider Mark as the ‘Go To’ Professional Networker.”

Claudio de Cicco,
Private Banker at Banca Fideuram
“Mark is very much a leader’s leader. Experienced across a broad range of professional disciplines he leads with a rare blend of focus, empathy and military precision. Mark effortlessly inspires trust, confidence and potentiality.”

Martin Dewhurst,
Founder of Penny
“Mark has an infectious enthusiasm and an ability to listen really well. He has a very agile mind that is able to take on different perspectives. But the most important thing about Mark is this – he’s a really nice guy to work with.”

Alexander Rosse,
Rashesh Joshi Accountant & Co founder and Director
" Simply the most skilled, professional, experienced and reliable professional with whom I have ever had the privilege of working. "

Dr. Jason M Fish.,
Medical Doctor

Want to read more recommendations ?

“I have known Dr. Mark Yates for 18 years and have marvelled at his unique ability of forming powerful and productive networking groups and organizations.”
- Mr Norman E. Jennings,
Former Commissioner of Public Safety and Police Commissioner.

“Within the business networking fraternity Mark is known as the ultimate ‘LinkedIn Consultancy Networkers Networker’ and he communicates with credibility and confidence. If you, or your business is looking to leverage increased sales or business growth from one of the world’s most professional networkers then you should connect with Mark today.”
- Jose Bueno Murga,
CEO at Danara Financial Group.

“Dr. Mark D. Yates continues to be one of the premier networkers on LinkedIn consultancy. I heartily recommend Dr. Yates to anyone looking to increase their networking numbers and influence.”
- Terry Gentner,
Vice President at Corporate Training.

“Dr. Mark Yates is an incredible entrepreneur with staggering business networking abilities. It is a privilege to be connected with such a powerful LinkedIn speaker, networker & business growth specialist.”
- Agnes & Jos Pelgrom,
Marketing Associate at Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee.

“When it comes to global networking and business development, there are few people as experienced and successful as Dr. Mark Yates.”

“When it comes to global networking and business development, there are few people as experienced and successful as Dr. Mark Yates.”
- Nick Earnshaw,
Freelance Consultant in Business Development.

“Dr. Mark is an incomparable connection. The term “expert” is not strong enough to describe his prowess. He is the guru of advanced LinkedIn consultancy networking skills.”
- Janet Marletto,
Consultant/Recruiter at Staffing Force.

“Dr. Yates has some of the most advanced business networking skills imaginably. He is a great connection.”
- Jerome Holland,
Founder & Moderator.

“Dr. Yates is a networker’s networker! Through his efforts and his advanced business networking skills he has helped many people like myself to connect with new people and build large and profitable networks. He has a heart for bringing people together and has built groups and structures to make that happen. He is a Linkedin training networking champion!”
- Stephen Alloy,
Advanced Markets Specialist at Mutual of Omaha.

“Dr. Mark D. Yates is a consummate multi-talented LinkedIn consultancy business networker and business professional. I have found Mark to be a valuable contact who exercises sincerity and willingness to share his knowledge and experience.”
- Perry Woodworth,
Sales Manager.

“Dr. Mark Yates is an incredible entrepreneur with staggering business networking abilities. It is a privilege to be connected with such a powerful Linkedin speaker and networker.”
- Brendan Kelly,
CEO & Founder of iZignite.

“Dr. Mark gave me the advice and information that I needed to build my Linkedin training network at an accelerated growth rate. His experience and willingness to help others in the Professional Networking Group is appreciated. Thanks again for all that you do.”
- Dr. Joseph A. Sheppard,
President at The Happy Athlete.

“Mark is one of the most professional business networkers I know. He is recognized as a hire a LinkedIn expert and as one of the most powerful networkers who always helps everyone looking to grow their professional network.”
- Gustavo Zamora,
Sales and Training Manager at Sudamericana de Equipos S.A.

“In my dealings with Mark, I have always found him to be not only a highly knowledgeable expert professional in his official capacities, but also a highly skilled and well-connected business growth specialist. He is also a very personable and genuine fellow, who is keen to help good, honest, hard-working people succeed. Engaging his services offers a very good return on investment for any business serious about growth.”
- Murray Ambler-Shattock,
Freelance IT Consultant & Service Provider.

“I have worked with Mark in his capacity as a business networking specialist, and can say that he is THE hire a LinkedIn expert in the field. His advanced business networking skills are extremely powerful. An absolute professional connector, I can recommend Mark highly.”
- Daniel Rose,

“Mark is known as a LinkedIn consultancy networking giant who is always prepared to assist other networkers hone their craft.”
- Sadir Sr. Vanderloot,
Information Security Advisor at RSS.

“It is an absolute honor and pleasure to recommend Dr. Yates. He holds advanced business networking skills, and engages with very many diverse competencies and disciplines in comportment for mutuality of beneficial deserve.”
- R. Leonardo Helton,
Corporate Security Representative at Allied Bank Plaza.

“Dr. Yates has consistently shown, advanced Business Power Networking Skills and utilizes contacts as a business growth specialist to help businesses grow & prosper. Mark helps you to network more effectively.”
- David Marcus,
SEO, Social Media, Lead Generation.

“When it comes to networking at a professional level, Dr. Yates is at the top of the list. His advanced business Linkedin training and networking skills has helped many professionals connect with new organizations and people, helping build strong and productive networks. He is the best of the best!”
- Chris Balck,
Strategic Account Manager at

“I know Mark as a highly experienced businessman and consummate networker. Mark’s advanced Linkedin speaker business networking skills give him a virtually unmatched edge. I have been extremely impressed with the energy and drive for success that Mark puts into business ventures.”
- Vincent Vanderbent,
Global Ambassador at Shaklee Distributor.

“Mark is an indefatigable Linkedin training power networker who has reached the stratosphere of Linkedin speaker relationships through his hard work, extreme dedication, and has maximized the results of his networking.”
- Rich Allen.

“Besides being one of the world’s most professional business growth specialists Dr. Mark D. Yates is also a juggernaut of LinkedIn training and business networking. He is a true business networking expert.”
- Sourav Gupta.

“Mark is a superb professional networker and connector who can help you grow your business. His love for Linkedin consultancy networking is shown by the way that he helps others expand their networks also.”
- Rick Thorburn.

“Dr Yates has phenomenal marketing skills. He may be one of the best LinkedIn speaker network marketers in the minds of many, but there’s no question in my mind.”
- Stan Zabel.

“Dr. Mark is amazing in developing networks and using connections for business growth. I appreciate his way of building powerful networks to help businesses grow and prosper.”
- Muneeb Farman.

“Dr Yates has provided me with tremendous value by introducing me to highly valuable contacts in my field on supply chain. These contacts have then allowed me to expand my opportunities well beyond my wildest dreams. I highly recommend Dr Yates for his superior LinkedIn speaker and networking skills that will and do help you grow your business.”
- Arthur (Chip) Call.

“As the foremost security expert across the globe, Dr Mark Yates is also one of, if not the most, talented business advisor and business networker anyone would ever wish to meet or do business with.”
- Trevor Suter.

“Dr. Mark is committed to helping people build their networks. Thank you Mark for your hard work, I salute you for your efforts.”
- Ray Simmons.

“Dr Mark is an absolute master Linkedin consultancy networking guru. The way he goes about business growth is quite phenomenal and I have greatly benefited from his very sound advice.”
- Barry Hind.